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                SRF class 1 of granulation size 30 mm

Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) play an important role in the mix of alternative energy resources.

Nowadays SRF are generated from waste sources following the procedures of European accepted standards (CEN/TS 15359:2006). One ton of quality proven SRF has 80% of the energy content in comparison to coal.

In Germany every year about 2 million tons of quality proven SRF are used in power plants and cement plants for the substitution of fossil fuels. Therefore the use of SRF in Germany is making a remarkable contribution to the climate protection by reducing the fossil CO2 emissions. But there is still existing a huge potential in other countries.

The business activities of the Recycling Solutions GmbH are based on 15 years experience on the field of production of SRF from waste.

Recycling Solutions is acting  as a full supplier  in the growing market of SRF. The services to the customers are as follows:

· Feasibility studies for the generation of SRF from waste sources

· Market studies for the supply with SRF

· Technical installation concepts for the production of SRF

· Supply of machinery equipment and turn-key installations for the production of SRF

· Trading with SRF


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